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Nucleic Acid Extraction

Automated nucleic acid purification for a wide range of downstream applications
The Freedom EVO® Nucleic Acid Purification workstation is a fully scalable and flexible system enabling automated nucleic acid purification for a wide range of downstream applications. It is compatible with all major nucleic acid purification techniques, from commercial kits to traditional recipes

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Nucleic Acid Purification Wizard
Nucleic Acid Purification Wizard
The open concept platform allows you to set up a system that fits your specific application needs. Select a pre-optimized configuration or design your own extraction system

  • Runs extraction protocols using solid phase extraction, magnetic bead separation or centrifugation
  • Equipped with a versatile liquid handling arm and an advanced fluidic system
  • Volume range from 0.5 μl to 5 ml
  • Various additional storage modules available
  • Capable of performing high throughput sample preparation
  • Nucleic acid quantification can be achieved by the integration of Tecan’s Infinite® series of microplate readers.

Based on the Freedom EVO's unmatched flexibility and Tecan’s wide range of options, your system can be tailored to meet all your automated sample preparation needs. Our automation consultants are available to help you create your optimal extraction system.
The applications described here are not available in the US outside of the research market.






Nucleic Acid Extraction

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