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CE set-up solution for forensic laboratories

CE set-up solution for forensic laboratories

Cherry-pick forensic samples for capillary electrophoresis


Avoid sample errors – gain full traceability

Tecan has developed a powerful solution to aid set-up of forensic samples for capillary electrophoresis (CE), consisting of a Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstation and an intuitive software wizard. You can choose from a compact to a large, high-throughput Freedom EVO.The CE set-up wizard software has been developed to offer a fully integrated workflow for human identification, automatically transferring data seamlessly between the workstation and genetic analyzer from Applied Biosystems, the world’s most trusted provider of human identification solutions.


The Freedom EVO® CE set-up system offers

  • Full traceability of samples
  • Intuitive software guides user through set-up
  • Seamless transfer of sample information to Applied Biosystems 3130/xl and 3500/xl Genetic Analyzers
  • Samples can be cherry- picked from any position on input plates
  • Up to five input STR plates can be used to create one output CE plate
  • Individual capillaries can be identified as ‘disabled’ if broken or blocked
  • Application can be used with STR kits from any manufacturer


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CE set-up solution

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