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Te-MOâ„¢ disposable tips

A cost effective solution for multipipetting

Tecan offers a wide range of Te-MO 96 disposable tips with three different volume sizes, with or without filters.

The Te-MO 96 disposable tips are carefully designed, validated and manufactured to ensure reliable performance with the following systems

  • Te-MO 96 multichannel pipetting option for Freedom EVO® and Genesis™ instruments
  • Aquarius
  • Genmate

All Te-MO 96 disposable tips are manufactured in a controlled environment, and are available in either Tecan Pure or Tecan Sterile purity levels.

For research use only, not for use in human clinical or diagnostic procedures.
non-filtered (single stack) Tecan Pure Tecan Sterile
 Application examples/
 customer segments
 Genomic research
Molecular Diagnostics
Cell Biology
Cell-based screening


Non-filtered Filtered
 50 μl   50 ul 10612343 - -
100 μl 100μl 10612345 10612346 10612347
200 μl 200 ul 10612340 10612341 10612342*
* maximum pipetting volume of 150 µl.




Te-MO96 tips

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