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Automated, high throughput protein purification
and characterization

The Freedom EVO® robotic platform offers automation solutions for protein purification as well as protein crystallography. The workstation is a highly flexible, fully scalable liquid handling platform that can be configured for semi- or complete automation of hanging drop, sitting drop and microbatch protein crystallography experiments. Using the powerful CryScreen™ crystallography software, researchers can efficiently create custom crystallization buffer sets from stock liquids, and the platform’s large dynamic pipetting range allows both mother liquors and precious protein samples to be dispensed with accuracy and precision.



 Freedom EVO
  Bioprocessing    Hydroflex   Software /
   Infinite® 200
Freedom EVO   Bioprocessing   Hydroflex   Software  / Cryscreen™   Infinite 200 series
  FortéBio Octet


   Infinite M1000
Protein Expression     FortéBio            Octet Integration  
  Infinite M1000
 Buffer Creation
       Protein Digest        
Buffer Creation Wizard       Protein Digest  
        MALDI-plate spotting        


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